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When renovating an existing course you can either respect the original architecture by instituting a sympathetic renovation designed to blend in with the existing work of the original architect, or you can take a golf course with little or no architectural merit and renovate the course to add strategy and develop a new architectural character.

There are instances where there is no documentation on which to base a restoration plan but the golf course clearly has a rich architectural legacy. In this instance we use our extensive historical knowledge to re-create features and forms that match the remaining existing features of the course. This is called sympathetic renovation and our most common approach to renovation.

Some golf courses simply lack interest and are better off with a major renovation. Our approach is to try and use as much of the original layout as we can, but we certainly do not limit ourselves to larger changes if there an opportunity to develop a better set of holes. In these instances we find it’s best to show all the alternatives and help our clients make the best decision they can. Our approach on these projects is to create a golf course that plays and feels like it was built a long time ago.





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