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Saskatoon Golf & Country Club was faced with the problem that some of the holes on the existing course were about to be expropriated in order to expand the city’s highway system. The club had multiple options on how to deal with this change and the decision was made to investigate various alternatives and come up with a plan. In the end the club decided on a path that required nine new holes.

I committed myself to the idea that their original architect Bill Kinnear would be the basis of the architectural style that I was going to use. I followed his routing style, used similar strategies, followed his bunker patterns, even duplicated some of his best green contours, and made sure that the holes would fit in well with the existing ones.

The site I was given was an existing public course with some of the most outrageous containment mounding I had ever seen. My methodology was to push all the mounds down and use the fill to create large domes that matched the existing landforms on the properties. I used those “new” domes as my tee sites, landing areas and green sites. The result was a very low key design that clearly fit onto the land just like the original eighteen holes.

Along the way we added a full practice facility, a much needed drainage system for all 18 holes, and 500 additional yards.



5th Hole
6th Hole
7th Hole
8th Hole