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“Green by Design”
Golf Canada (RCGA), June 2008
"An environmental Approach to Golf Architecture"

“Turning Back the Clocks”

Golf Course Architecture UK, June 2007
"On restoration of golf courses"

“Lessons from the Past”
Golf Canada (RCGA), June 2007
"A critical look at the future of golf architecture done by using the best examples from the past"

“Restoring the Masterpieces”

The Golf Courses of Stanley Thomson, by Compiled by Mike Bell, June 2007

“Layout Lessons”
Travel + Leisure Golf, September 2006
"What ten of the world’s best courses teach us about golf architecture"
“St. George's Bunker Restoration”
Golf Architecture Volume 3
Compiled by Paul Daley, 2003

Other Articles

“Treasure Hunting”
Ontario Golf News, Summer 2008

“Our Last Trip”
Golf Canada, June 2006

“The Hole Series”
Score Golf

"Missing Links"
Golf Canada, June 2005



Lessons from the Past

Turning Back the Clocks

Restoring the

St. George's
Bunker Restoration