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In 2009, Mike Weir returned to the teacher he had throughout most of his career. Mike Wilson was working with Mike during seven of the eight wins including his triumphant win at the 2003 Masters. While Mike experimented with some other approaches, he wanted to return to Mike Wilson and get back to the feel and confidence that he enjoyed under Mike’s tutelage.


Mike Wilson is dedicated to helping golfers enjoy the game and play their best. Mike has always believed that every golfer wants to and can improve some part of their game.


He makes use of his onsite teaching studio that includes training aids and video swing analysis. He uses video playback in the teaching studio to provide instant feedback and quick results.


It isn’t just the world’s best who can benefit from the teachings of Mike Wilson. The Mike Weir Golf Academy will create a lasting difference for all those who invest the time.





  • Accredited instruction from PGA TOUR level teaching professionals;
  • Opportunity to build state-of-the-art practice facility under the Weir Golf Academy banner.

Mike Wilson promotional appearances and lessons;

Ability to promote Weir Golf Academy in addition to existing facilities.


  • Customized Mike Weir Golf Academy curriculum.



  • The Fundamentals of the golf swing
  • Striking the ball and ground

The Full Swing

  • Set-up, takeaway, swing path, down swing, contact and follow through to finish.


  • How to practice
  • Drills

 Short Game

  • Wedge play and chipping
  • Sand play


  • The Fundamentals of the putting stroke