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Designed to offer multitude of fans opportunities to own genuine sports collectibles linked to Canada’s top golfer, Mike Weir Authentic can also provide unique possibilities for pro shops and resort gift shops affiliated with courses designed by Mike Weir.

From one-of-a-kind signed framed photos of the course opening that can be provided as tournament gifts, to customized photos of key holes on each course designed by Mike, Mike Weir Authentic can provide a wide variety of merchandising options





  • Creation of themed rooms (Club house
    and hotel) based on key moments in Mike
    Weir’s golf career;
  • Ongoing programs built around key events
    and wins.
  • Customized legacy pieces for each
    Mike Weir Design facility;
  • One-of-a-kind golf course memorabilia
    made available to targeted audience.
  • Membership incentives, including ultra exclusive
    pieces each year for members only.