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Since being founded in March 2004, the Mike Weir Foundation has been dedicated to advancing the physical, emotional and educational welfare of children in need.

As one of the cornerstones of Mike’s off course activities, the foundation will also play a positive and important role in Mike Weir Design.

Mike and Weir Golf Design both hope to involve potential course developers, as well as the communities they create around Mike’s golf designs, in partnerships designed to raise awareness and funds for children in need. The goal is to engage communities in charitable endeavors that benefit local organizations and institutions. This is just another example of the long term thinking and support Weir Golf Design offers each development partner





  • Creation of a local face for The Mike Weir Foundation;
  • Consideration to host Foundation events (both golf and non-golf), including the Mike Weir Miracle Golf Drive For Kids.


  • Demonstrated community involvement and charity support;
  • Ongoing and in-market legacy projects.


  • Volunteer programs for golf course members and local residents to support The Mike Weir Foundation.