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The marriage between wine and golf is as old as the leisure activities themselves and Mike Weir Wine singularly occupies his important niche in Canada. When a consumer looks at a bottle of Mike Weir Wine, they see wine and golf in a bottle. Can you imagine being able to actually go to a place that offers this compelling marriage in a hands-on, experiential way? That is the profound impact of having Mike Weir Wine located on a golf course designed by Mike Weir.

 Mike Weir Wine



  • Totally unique in Canada;
  • Opportunity to construct on-site winery, wine cellar and wine-based retail and hospitality complex;
  • Creation of wine themed impactful displays throughout facility;
  • Opportunity to plant showcase vineyards throughout development.


  • Use of wine and wine facility as ancillary driver of hospitality for overall development;
  • Ability to attract and entertain residents and non-golf markets;
  • Use of bottle and label to endorse, generate awareness and promote facility;
  • Specific vintages and releases of wine unique to the golf facility;
  • Traffic flow and visitation specific to wine selling, retail and wine promotions;
  • Leveraging of Provincial industry-based wine events, festivals and marketing;
  • Use of vineyards positive optical impact for other aspects of the development.


  • Special events, wines, tastings, etc. exclusively for members and residents;
  • Exclusive wine club, food pairings and wines for members and residents;
  • A bundling of the above and other wine offerings into club, resident and member packages.