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Weir Golf Design believes in the ability for players to take on as much or as little risk as the want in a round. In order for a strong player to score, they will need to continually flirt with trouble and take risks throughout the round. The weaker player is given the option of taking on the same risks in order to try to make a birdies , or they can choose an alternate route with far less trouble, but may have to settle for a bogie in the process.

This is the way that Weir Golf Design brings back the fun for all levels of players. What we are designing is a course that will test the thinking and shot- making of the best players while providing all the playability and flexibility required that will give the average person a great day where they are unlikely to lose a ball.

Players playing our courses will recognize that our designs are a little more interesting to play than most. We have focused on fostering creativity and shot-making done through optional routes, natural rumples and rolls left in the fairways, the greater variety of hole yardages, the inclusion of short fours and fives to encourage decision making, and finally the extensive use of short grass around greens.



Laval-Sur-le-lac (Blue Course)

Predator Ridge