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Weir Golf Design believes that it is not the architect’s role to make the game difficult. Rather, it is the role of the designers to make the game interesting. Our vision is to craft unique, distinctive and thought-provoking creations that are fun to play. Each design will leave the golfer compelled to head back to the first tee to try a different route or an alternative approach in order to determine the best way to play our designs.

Modern golf designers like to dictate the shots you must hits and the locations you must play to, whereas Weir Golf Design will present players with a series of options to choose from. When a golfer stands on the tee we want them to decide between whether to play safe or take on additional risk to gain a better position for their approach. The better player enjoys the freedom to take on risk as their confidence rises, and the average player appreciates the opportunity to use a safer route when they feel it is prudent.  This approach allows golfers to make determinations on every hole about how they will play the course. They must think their way around the course.

When a player is given the opportunity to be creative and think their way around a course, they become much more engaged in the game. These are the courses that they return to play over and over because they are interesting and require repeated plays to figure out. These are the types of courses that we will be creating at Weir Golf Design.










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