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3. FUN
Though it is sometimes lost in translation, the game of golf is supposed to be fun. Rolls, rumples, ridges and slopes can add a huge amount of interest to a course. The joy of the game is trying to figure out how to play over, along or around these natural features.

These features are easier to maintain and a lot more challenging than a formalized hazard is to the good player, while offering playability and enjoyment for the average player. The game originated with chance and fun being a key component of the courses, and yet modern golf architecture has tried to eliminate these natural features in order to create a more controlled and manufactured “test of golf.” There has been too much emphasis on resistance to scoring and not enough on the simple pleasure the game is supposed to bring to the majority of players.

“I look at many of my favourite courses and I came to realize that a lot of what makes them challenging are the strategies. It isn’t an issue of losing golf balls in fescue, or having fairways bounded by endless water hazards. It is about defining courses by using strategic bunkering, and clever greens which favour well placed tee shots. I’d rather build my courses based on those kinds of concepts than create monsters that are so loaded with hazards that they take five hours to play and every player loses ten golf balls."

– Mike Weir






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