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“I don’t envision my design business as being about the number of courses I create. Rather, it is about the quality of the designs I develop and the attention I bring to each one. It is about doing the right projects with the best partners on the best sites. It is about doing this the right way. I want to be certain the golf courses I do are tremendous projects that stand the test of time and I’ll bring a lot of dedication to this opportunity.”

Mike Weir 

Great golf. That’s the central component of every project with which Weir Golf Design is involved. The firm, comprised of PGA Tour superstar Mike Weir and successful Canadian golf designer Ian Andrew, is committed to putting in the time and utilizing the attention to detail that sets their courses apart. For Mike, his involvement with Weir Golf Design transcends marketing. He is intimately involved with every new design the firm undertakes and is making a personal commitment to the details of every project. This is not about ribbon cutting and ceremonial opening rounds. It is about creating a legacy that will endure – for owners of the courses created and for Weir Golf Design.
With Weir Golf Design, eighteen holes add up to more than just one great golf course.


Mike Weir has always had to work to achieve success. He was never the longest hitter or the game’s best putter. But through countless hours of hard work and dedication throughout his nearly 20 year career as a professional golfer, he has elevated himself to a level with the best the game has seen.

That level of commitment is what Ian and Mike bring to Weir Golf Design. The firm will dedicate the time needed to make sure every element of their creations – from the initial site visits through to the conclusion of construction – receives the necessary attention to elevate their projects to another level.

“I have learned that overseeing details, right down to picking up a shovel or getting on a tractor, can take a good green or a good bunker and turn it into a work of art,” says Andrew. “Excellence is in the details. The only way to achieve the higher quality is to be on site, something both Mike and I fully recognize and are committed to.”

– Ian Andrew

Since he launched his PGA Tour career in 1998, Mike Weir has had plenty of opportunities to enter the golf design business. He waited until the appropriate time in his career, a point where had witnessed many of the world’s best golf courses – from Royal Melbourne in Australia to Sand Hills in Nebraska through to Augusta National in Georgia – and felt he could provide value in constructing his own courses. To that end, Mike launched an intensive year-long hiring process to find the appropriate golf designer to collaborate with, eventually choosing Ian Andrew. Together Mike and Ian offer a personal commitment of quality and a mutual interest in the elements that make great golf.


In a competitive market, having a great product is only the first step to creating a business that can lead the industry for decades. To Weir Golf Design, success is more than simply creating a world class golf course. It is about offering an unrivaled package of possibilities that will give each Weir Golf Design client a competitive advantage. It is about greatness in all aspects of our business, as well as that of our clients. A facility’s involvement with Weir Golf Design doesn’t end once a course opens for play. Mike’s longstanding business partners – from TaylorMade to IMG -- offer developers a package of potential services that is unparalleled within the golf development business.