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The reason that many golfers admire the Golden Age courses over their more modern equivalents is the attention that has been spent in the details of construction. The architects of the past spent far more personal time on site time carefully considering every small detail so that no potential solution was ever overlooked. In the Golden Age each feature was built by hand which meant the level of detailing was far greater than it is today. At Weir Golf Design we are committed to delivering this same level of craftsmanship because we believe this is the difference between a good course and one that is truly sublime.

In my nearly two decades in the business, I have been widely praised for my restoration efforts on many courses designed during the Golden Age. In order deliver the level of detailing, I experimented with alternate methods, including old-fashioned hand work to rediscover the techniques to build accurate bunkers and mounds. While my experiments were made to achieve an accurate restoration, they led me to recognize the importance of more “handmade” features for new projects. I came to the conclusion that "handmade" features are what separate the highly praised Golden Age architects from the blandness so prevalent in modern architecture.

I have learned that overseeing details – including picking up a shovel or getting on a tractor – can take a good green or bunker and turn it into a work of art. Excellence is in the details.

– Ian Andrew





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