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Weir Golf Design believes that we have an obligation to build courses that are environmentally responsible. We believe in building courses now that anticipate the changes in legislation that will affect the way we maintain and build our courses in the future. We know through our experience that we can design courses that remain interesting and playable while reducing our impact on the natural ecosystems.

The firm is committed to making better choices in the routing stage that can minimize the disturbance required to build our courses, as well as protect the existing ecosystems. Additionally these decisions can help set in place a system to collect or filter all run-off water, minimizing the requirements for additional water, and help reduce pesticides usage. We know that our environmental approach will create courses that reduce maintenance requirements, provide a unique character for each project, blend into the surrounding environment, minimize our impact on the site and reduce the cost to build and operate our courses.

Our courses are designed for a future where there will be less water available and a reduction or even ban on the use of pesticides. This new approach will lead to dramatic- looking courses that are still fun and playable because we will design with these changing maintenance principles in mind. Weir Golf Design can put your project on the cutting edge of environmentally-based design which will lead to easier approvals and an opportunity to market your project for its environmental sensitivity.
“We all need to change our ideas about what we think Canadian golf is and realize that there are better ways to be more environmentally responsible without compromising the quality of the game. We need to understand that our current state of golf is not sustainable and that a new approach to golf course design and maintenance will be good for everyone in the long term.”

– Ian Andrew






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