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Weir Golf Design’s philosophy is to focus on only the best possible projects and to build no more than two projects in a single year, allowing both Ian and Mike to provide the necessary time and attention to detail that creates the best potential golf courses.

The Importance of Routing
We believe that the key to a great course begins with establishing the routing of the holes. This can’t be done in a single visit. The best routings are discovered through multiple days spent exploring the landscape and investigating potential fairways and green locations. The goal of Weir Golf Design is to find natural holes that require no earthmoving. This approach allows us to limit construction. That leaves us to simply add the key flourishes or details that will take a good hole and turn into something memorable and special.

What will set courses designed by Weir Golf Design apart is how they play. Ian and Mike both strongly believe in playing freedoms, or the opportunity to choose your own route to play a hole. There is nothing more interesting in the game of golf than having an optional way to play an approach or an alternative route to play a hole. When a player faces decisions on the tee, he is forced to make a choice about the risk they are willing to accept. These are the types of holes that inspire us to play the game.

“We don’t envision our design business as being about the number of courses we create. Rather, it is about the quality of the designs we develop and the attention we can bring to each one. It is about doing the right projects with the best partners on the best sites. It is about doing this the right way. We want to be certain the golf courses we do are tremendous projects that stand the test of time and we’ll bring a lot of dedication to this opportunity.”

Mike Weir

Par 4 - 11th Hole
Par 4 - 13th Hole
Par 4 - 5th Hole
Par 4 - 18th Hole
Par 4 - 4th Hole
Par 5 - 14th Hole
Par 5 - 8th Hole