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Mike Weir
As an eight-time winner on the PGA Tour, Mike has played many of the greatest courses in the world and brings that lifetime of experience to any new golf course project. As a shot-maker and creative player he has spent an inordinate amount of time breaking down the strategies of each course so that he can understand how to play those courses well. This process has lead him to have a deep understanding about how each aspect of golf design affects how a player plays and how much they enjoy the course.

Mike is committed to bringing this experience to crafting courses that don’t favour the game’s best golfers. Mike feels strongly that playability and the opportunity for the average player to enjoy a round is just as important as created a course that challenges the ability of the better player. He feels strongly that no matter what the handicap the player has, he wants them to have to think their way around the course.

“I’ve learned a lot from playing with my Dad,” Mike explains. “When we’re playing he’ll often come up to a hole and just reach in and grab his driver out of his bag. I often ask him, ‘Dad, what are you thinking? Don’t just grab the driver, look at the hole. There’s a bunker out there at 240 and your driver is going to run right into it. Hit the 3-wood.’ When you explain the strategy, he gets it and that’s something that will be central to my designs. I want players to think on every level.”

Ian Andrew
Ian Andrew brings an amazing depth of knowledge about the classic principles of golf architecture to Weir Golf Design, concepts learned and developed over two decades of hands-on work on courses from across Canada and the U.S. Ian has developed a reputation as a thoughtful designer with a clear vision for his work, both in restoring historic courses, as well as in new construction.

In recent years, Ian has become one of the industry’s thought leaders when it comes to environmental golf design, often lecturing on the concept and how it can be integrated into the game. He feels strongly that today’s designers need to make some subtle but effective changes to their design approach that will lead us to more environmentally sensitive golf courses.

Additionally Ian has long been a strong proponent of getting back to the original principles of finding golf holes rather than creating them. This approach uses the land as strategy, reduces the reliance on bunkers, keeps construction costs down, is better for the environment, lowers the cost of maintenance, and leads to a more fun course to play.

Ian is a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA).